Rüppell Hunting Namibia
Rüppell Hunting Namibia
Come to Africa. Experience its splendor, enjoy its freedom, hunt its trophies...
Rüppell Hunting offers a variety of species to be pursued by the hunter who whishes to hunt plains game in Namibia, comfortable accommodation for hunters and their acquaintances, true Namibian hospitality, scrumptious cuisine and in the end a much cherished hunting trip to Namibia!
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Rüppell Hunting is situated in the semi-arid north west of Namibia where the African savannah and acacia bushland serves as hunting ground.

Game hunted on Rüppell appears naturally and are free ranging. (Kudu, Oryx, Springbuck, Warthog, Burcell’s Zebra, Steenbuck, Damara Dik-Dik) Other huntable species (Blue Wildebeest, Black Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Blesbok, Impala, Eland, Hartmann Zebra) offered by Rüppell are hunted at other concessions nearby. Game at these concessions are usually fenced in as a lot of the species does not occur naturally.

Hunting is mostly conducted by ‘walk and stalk’, spot the game from high ground or from the vehicle and the P.H. leads the hunter the odd distance to stalk the trophy. To walk and stalk a fair physical condition is needed by the hunter.
For the not so physical or rather ‘wrecked’ hunter game can be shot from the hunting vehicle or at water holes.
Backpack hunting is favored by Rüppell Hunting. Hunters need an excellent physical condition to take part in such a hunting experience as one roams the hunting ground by day, carrying along water, food ammunition and other necessities and make camp in the field at night to continue the hunt in the morning. For more information about ‘Hunting’ click here.
Hunters can expect their days and hunting trip at Rüppell to be spent as follows, P.H. Jan will pick you up at the airport near Windhoek and you leave for Rüppell which is about 270 kilometers (167 miles) or 3 hour’s drive from Windhoek. If there is enough daylight left you will visit the shooting range to sight in your rifle(s) and prepare for the hunt and maybe go for a short drive to hunt for a first trophy, but this depends on when your flight lands at Husea Kutako international airport. Breakfast is usually served before sunrise and you are on the hunting ground when the sun rises to utilize as much of the day as possible for hunting. Depending on your personal preference lunchpacks can be made to consume in the field, eat brunch at camp or return for a full lunch and spend the warmest hour or two of the day at camp and then return hunting. In the evening you will be on the hunting ground till the sun sets and light fades away then return to camp to be rewarded with scrumptious cuisine from our kitchen and spend the evening around a fire, on the porch or in our comfortable lounge. Hunts are tailored to fit the desires of every hunter!
Rüppell Hunting accommodates one hunting group at a time. The hunting area and leisure areas will be for your exclusive use, except if there will be hunted at concessions further away from Rüppell the possibility exists that there might be other hunters in the camp.
Craig Boddington hunted at Rüppell. Here’s what he and other hunters think of us. Click here.
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