Summer: Temperature: 18-37 °C

                                   Humidity: 50-80%

                                   Rainfall: ranges from 80 to 500 mm at places

                          Winter: Temperature: 0-22 °C

                                Humidity: less than 10%

                                                 1 = ± N$9.5

                                                 South African Rand 1 = N$ 1

                                                      (South African Rand is accepted in Namibia as legal tender.)

                     It is good to start malaria treatment 2 weeks prior of entry to Namibia.

                          (Rüppell Hunting is in a malaria free area.)

                   State hospitals in all major towns. Private hospitals in Windhoek, Swakopmund                     and Otjiwarongo International SOS operates in Namibia.

                   90% of emergency cases can be treated.

                   1 doctor per 7 000 people.

               Namibia is the first country to include ‘protection of the environment’ in it’s                constitution.

               About 13.6% surface area is protected.

              Namibia is the only African country in the top ten countries for value for money.

               The world’s oldest plant is found in Namibia, the welwitchia mirabilis is 2000 years                old.

              Namibia has the oldest desert in the world, the Namib desert and the highest                dunes in the world.

              The largest meteorite is found in Namibia, the Hoba meteorite (45 tonnes). The                Gibeon meteorite shower is the largest ever discovered.

              The dragon’s breath is found 60 metres below ground and is the world’s largest                underground lake.

              Namibia is home to the second largest canyon in the world. (Fish river canyon)

              Namibia has the largest population of free roaming cheetah.

              During 1911-1914, 5million carat of diamonds were mined at Kolmannskop.

              The Rossing mine is the largest open cast Uranium mine in the world.

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